Thursday, February 2, 2012


So for the past several years I've been a member of a Word of Mouth organization called BzzAgent. I've loved every minute of taking part in their surveys and product campaigns because I've gotten to try out things I wouldn't normally do. Today was no different. After checking my email for typical drivel I decided to log into my BzzAgent account and see if there were any new campaigns for me to join. Luckily there was and it was the Smarterer campaign. Now while I don't recommend going to this site if you actually have things to do in your day it is an excellent site for wasting time and de-stressing. This site is a platform for people to test their knowledge base about everything digital in this wonderful world we live in. It has quizzes about facebook use, twitter use, blogging, computer games, etc etc etc. I've only taken the quiz specifically designed for BzzAgents so far but I'm sure in the next day or two I'll go back and try my hand at a few other digital formats I use in my day to day life and see how I stack up to others. But as I said... be forewarned... I can see this as being rather addictive and time can slip away pretty quickly while you are trying to prove your skill set to the rest of the world. So get your work done first THEN check out this site. Oh and by the way... I got a 764 out of 800 for my BzzAgent quiz. Guess I'm Smarterer after all!

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