Friday, February 3, 2012

Started another blog!

So yesterday after I posted the blog about I realized that I should separate those kinds of posts from the stuff that I talk about normally. I figure family and friends probably don't really care about those kinds of things but would rather know what is going on with me. If you are interested though the link is and you can certainly join and follow that one as well. I have to admit I've gotten some pretty cool stuff over the past couple years from these organizations ranging from electronics to makeup to cleaning products. I'm always willing to try new things and as long as they want my honest opinions of the stuff I'm always glad to give it.

But for typical life related stuff I stick to using this same blog that I've had for the past few years. So what is going on with me you ask? Not a whole heck of a lot. I'm still teaching at the local preschool and looking for a job. Finding a decent job in this economy is hard as hell. I keep interviewing for different agencies (as a matter of fact I even have follow up interviews with a bunch of the jobs I apply for) but alas there are tons of people out there looking for the same kind of work. I am thinking more and more that a Masters degree would do me a world of good but the idea of going back to school is still scary to me. Its not that I think I would be unsuccessful but when I remember the amount of hours you have to dedicate yourself to schoolwork it really depresses me.

But as I said in the mean time I'm teaching a great group of kiddos. I consider it warping the minds of the next generation since I'm such an oddball but most of the people I say that to seem to think if I give myself as an example to these kids then they will turn out pretty good. They are all so smart and so excited about the future, even it its just tomorrow and playing with their friends for the next 2 hours. I miss having that kind of excitement each and every day. So frankly I think they have a bigger influence on me than I possibly do on them. The big thing we are all looking forward to is of course Valentines day. We're making our Valentines day boxes and apparently I need to make one for myself as well. So I guess my next project is to decide how I want to decorate it. I've already picked up the valentines I'm going to give out to the kids and I'm getting excited about filling them out and having a special message for each to share. I mean look at them... they are too adorable not to love!

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