Saturday, February 4, 2012

How Rude!

I am generally the kind of person that likes to think those around me are kind, considerate, and overall good people, but today I had the worst grocery shopping experience of my life. Granted I should have known better not to try and do my spring grocery shopping the day before the Superbowl, but I seriously wasn't even taking that into consideration when we decided to head into Sandpoint and just get it over and done with. Now what people need to understand is that because I live in such a remote location I only go grocery shopping about 4 times a year so when I do its a couple of cartloads of goods. I usually grab a cart and Mace grabs the other and we systematically go through the store and check off the items on our list.

Its never been a problem and it generally goes smooth as silk. But today was hellacius. People were just downright rude. People were pushing, shoving, and ramming one an others carts all over the isles. I even had one woman take my very heavily loaded shopping cart that was literally parked right next to me while I was comparing two items and move it clear down the end of the isle without saying an "excuse me" or "could you please move that so I can get in there" or anything along those lines, then physically scooted me aside by reaching across me when she can back to the spot where my cart had been. I just stood there mouth open, eyes wide, and in shock! And to top it off, after all that, she put the item she was looking for back on the shelf and just turned and walked away. I couldn't believe it and that wasn't the only example of rudeness. Mace was getting a few loaves of bread and a man in a motorized shopping cart ran over his foot and rammed into his shopping cart and uttered some interesting expletives along the way directed at Mace for taking to long to figure out what he wanted.

I suppose I've learned my lesson though. Never get in the way of Superbowl Shoppers they are a dangerous breed to mess with!

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