Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big Game Anticipation!

In my lifetime there have been a number of Superbowl games that I've really enjoyed and I am hoping that today's game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots can join that list. Now you may be wondering why I have any interest in this game at all since typically I don't root for East Coast teams. I'm a tried and true Bronco fan and should be all worked up that my boys in blue and orange didn't make it to the big game. While a part of me is sad that Tebow didn't make it clear through the playoff unscathed I have faith that he and the Bronc's will be back next year and with more experience under that young teams belt will do even better. In other words I'm excited for their future and not disappointed in their past season what so ever.

So that brings us back to today's game and why I'm so excited for it. Its pretty simple actually, I HATE the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, and the grand cheater himself Bill Belichek. I know that hate is a strong word and should be used sparingly so I will redefine this hatred in football life only. I can remember as a kid the Patriots going to Superbowl after Superbowl and it would be a complete blowout. The other team I put into this category of hatred is the Dallas Cowboys for the exact same reason. While I look at the Pats as all that is evil and wrong in the world of professional football today I see the Giants in the opposite light. A few years ago New York was in an uprage over how the team was being coached, who the quarterback was etc. And yet both Tom Coughlan and Eli Manning have withstood these barrages from their own fans with grace and humility and have come out on top. Coming from a small school I have the tendency to root for the underdog or those that people have serious doubts about, especially if they comport themselves with dignity. I've seen the Giants as a whole do just that and so of course I'm on their side today.

There has been this tiresome debate this year as to whether or not Eli Manning is an "Elite" quarterback. When the heck did this turn of phrase come into existence? From what I have seen from Eli as well as his older brother Patton I can't imagine anyone questioning whether or not these two individuals are elite both on and off the football field. I love watching their interviews because even though their teams would be completely different (and not nearly as successful without them-- as we saw this year with the Colt's 2 win season) they are always putting their teammates accomplishments above their own and never say a bad word about anyone they encounter. I've always thought that football players were in a very unique position to be mentors and heroes to the millions of children in our country but so few players comport themselves in such a way as to be that good example. The Manning brothers however are people I'd gladly have my own children one day emulate. I think their parents raised them right. So today I wish the Giants well and I truly look forward to watching them beat the Pats yet again in a Superbowl.

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