Sunday, March 25, 2012

Under The Weather

Back in October I got my annual flu shot and while I complained then about how bad the nurse was who gave it too me I have to say I still appreciate the positive effects the flu shot has on my overall heath during cold and flu season. Unfortunately my dear sweet fiance chose not to get a flu shot this year since he had had some bad reactions from it the last few years he'd gotten it. Mace has a somewhat compromised immune system to start with so I figured that if I at least got the shot then maybe the chance of bringing home any bad bugs would be eliminated or significantly reduced anyway.

It seemed like that plan was working, or at least it was until this past week. I had been subbing over at the school everyday for 3 weeks straight because a really nasty bug was floating around town and everyone in school had gotten it. Teachers were out for a week at a time and the student population was literally cut in half. For me it was great because it gave me an opportunity to get some great hours in at the school and I love working there with the kids. The bad news was that at the end of that 3 weeks my immune system finally called it quits and I came down with the bad bug as well (thankfully it wasn't nearly as bad for me though as it had been for everyone else). In turn that also ment I brought Mr. Bad Bug home with me.

While I was only sick for the weekend and a couple days early the following week, Mace started to feel icky as soon as I was turning the corner and he is still down and out. Its been over a week and I feel so bad for him. His chest is congested and tight, his throat is so sore he cant even talk, and his head is stuffed up like crazy. This is the most miserable I've seen him for years and I was the cause of it. So for the past week I've been playing nurse maid and trying to get him to feeling better but to no avail. All my at home remedies aren't doing him any good. I do believe that if he isn't feeling any better tomorrow morning I'm going to put my foot down and take him to the doctor. I'm worried that he might be dealing with walking pneumonia (something that a few of the other folks in town have contracted) and I don't want him getting any worse.

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