Friday, October 21, 2011


I keep trying to have an optimistic attitude when it comes to finding a job in this current market. But at the same time I also have to be realistic and not get my hopes up too high even when I'm getting positive feedback from interview and hiring panels. But right now I'm feeling that there are some great opportunities out there that I'd be well suited for.

Right now I am one of two finalists that are being considered by hiring committees in Ephrata, WA and Mountain Home, ID.a I'm excited by these prospects since they both jobs with the NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) and Pheasants Forever under the Sage Grouse Initiative. I would be working with ranchers, farmers, and private land owners along with federal and state agencies to improve sage grouse habitat that exists on these lands. In all honesty its exactly the kind of work I've been wanting to get involved in since graduating from UM but was happy to just have a job with the Forest Service right out of college.

In a lot of ways my desire to work on this kind of collaborative project stems from my Dad. Over the years I'd watched him try to get various organizations and industries to work together to reach a common goal. This was not always the easiest of ventures for him and he came across plenty of roadblocks in his career but his work really influenced my opinion on multi use management of the landscape. These jobs would allow me to put my principals into practice and work with a diverse group of people. I know there would be plenty of challenges and I'm sure there would be times that I'll want to pull my hair out at the roots, but I think the rewards could surpass any frustration there might be. I truly believe I'm the right kind of person for this kind of work.

So my hope, in closing, is that I get one of these jobs and can make a difference, just as my dad did for all those years.

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