Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Only Minor Damage

I knew with the changing weather that the mountains would get me one way or another. The snow is starting to melt off and refreeze daily so conditions are not exactly ideal. When I head out in the morning everything is nice and hard and frozen, perfect to walk/snowshoe over. By about 10 though that snow has changed dramatically into a melty slushy mess. While I try to be careful no matter what because its just me out there alone, the inevitable happened and I took a misstep and ended up taking a pretty good spill down a ravine. I didn't land too terrible hard but did take a few knocks against a couple trees. Luckly I came out of it with no broken bones and only a few scrapes, bruises and a spained ankle. I was so mad at myself and am still not exactly sure how I took such a poor step so I bullied myself up and finished out the day. I do have to say though that my ankle is an interesting shade of blue right now and it took a bit of coaxing to get it out of my boot. I figure I'll take a nice hot shower and soak my ankle in a tub of epsome salts and I'll be good for go tomorrow. While I love the snow I have to say I'm ready for this sloppy stuff to be gone so I can move around more easily. Do have to say it still makes for a pretty picture in the morning.

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JLB said...

No hurting yourself! It Isn't allowed! Good luck with the ankle I hope it feels up to going out tom. Don't press it though, if you need to call in do so! *hugs*