Friday, October 10, 2008

Today Go Gators Tomorrow Go Huskies and Griz!

I am being inducted into the multi-team cheering hall of fame this weekend. Rachel, my oldest niece is having her high school's football homecoming day tonight. I have been invited to come along and hang out with her friends at the game and cheer my lungs out for her poor little Stanley Lake Gators. Apparently they don't have much of a football team but how can you not go to your own school homecoming right. The dance is tomorrow night though and I get to do Rachie's hair for it. Thats pretty darn cool. She has a fabulous purple dress that her boyfriend Dusty is going to go head over heals for. I tell you I'm glad he is an upright and decent guy because I'd hate to be the one to beat up my niece's boyfriend for being a jerk... and I would if that was the case. They actually make a really sweet couple and I'm excited to be getting a change to get to know him better and see them interact so well.
As for tomorrow I'll be in the stands of Platte Canyon High School up in Bailey cheering on the team that Mark has been coaching for years now. I've only been able to see a few scrimages over the years and it will be nice to see Mark's Huskies kicking butt. So far they are undefeated this season and hopefully tomorrow will just be a continuation of that trend. Now while I may be sitting in the Husky stands and wearing blue and black war paint with the girls but my heart is also going to be with my fellow Griz fans as they play Eastern Washington on Saturday. So yeah... thats my weekend so far. Mom and Dad headed up to Cheyenne today to spend the night and get some simple house stuff done. If I hadn't already promised Rachel I'd do her hair I'd have gone up with them but I'd made the prior committment and I want to hold those kind of promises. I think its good for them to have some time to themselves too and they'll be back by tomorrow afternoon so I'm not horribly worried about not going with them. But since the weather is turning south even as I'm writting this, keep them in your prayers for the return trip tomorrow. Have a great weekend all.

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