Sunday, October 12, 2008

Everyone Came out on Top

Well so far this weekend has been grand in terms of football wins. All the teams I was cheering for (note: I have no voice now) won yesterday and Friday night. Gators, Huskies, and Griz all reigned supreme on the gridiron. Just as it should be.

As some of you know, when Brenda and I get together we happen to embibe just a wee bit. After everything was said and done with Rachels hair, makeup, and dress, she and Dusty scedadled to the dance and Brenda and I popped open a bottle of her favorite chardaney to go with Cheesy Potato Bacon soup from Safeway. I must say with the bread and soup it was a perfect wine. Two bottles and a shot of blueberry vodka later, Brenda was snoozing away happily in the big overstuffed chair while Rebecca and I were still up and watching the movie Harold.

After the movie ended I was still wide awake so I gave Mace a call to find out if he was feeling better. A nasty flu bug has inundated Trout Creek and it finally made its way to Mace and the rest of his family. Guess I got out of Trout Creek at the perfect time to avoid that plague. Thankfully Mace sounded 10 times better than he had the day before. I know he was miserable and its absolutely no fun being sick like that when you are alone. He's still a pretty weak and dehydrated but I'm sure by this evening most of that will have been resolved as well. At least thats my hope anyway.

Welp I need to go finish getting ready for church. Hope everyone else's weekend is going well too. Check you on the flipside.

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Kati said...

Woo~ go Griz~

Woo~ go Becca~

Woo~ go Brenda~

Woo~ go Mace~

Woo~ go Tracy~