Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Hate Circadian Rhythms

I swear to God I had every intention of taking advantage of sleeping in on this trip but my internal clock is making that rather difficult. I woke up only 18 minutes later than my alarm at home would have gone off. I guess small progress is still progress but waking up at 4:48 rather than 4:30 doesn't seem like much consolation. I have to say though Becca gave up her bed for me and it was fabulous. So much better than sleeping on the hidabed in the living room. Not that I would have really minded that either but its nice to not be sleeping in the middle of the common areas of the house and having a little peace and quiet to myself. Just so you know... my nieces are just the coolest kids in the world. I love that we are so close and that we can always have fun together. It was nice sitting with them both this morning before they headed off to school and goofed around together. No matter how old any of us get we'll always be silly together. Its also nice to see what beautiful and considerate young ladies they are both becoming. They are showing some more serious and introspective sides and have such a good relationship with each other even when they are both in pissy moods. I know by family relation they are my nieces but I swear they are more like my little sisters. Its a nice relationship.

That's it for now... I need to get some work done. Woo hoo for writing grants on elk winter habitat restoration.

ps...Even after Kati reminded me to take my camera with me to Denver I somehow managed to forget it... forgot my razor too but that's another story. My Bad!!! So much for taking cool pictures while I'm here. I guess you'll just have to deal with pictureless posts or just some representative pictures of Denver like the one from last night that I kyped from the internet. So sorry... its a bummer. But I will get Brenda to take pictures of Rachel's homecoming and email them to me so I can post them later.

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Stapler + Camera = problem solved


I love you!