Saturday, June 2, 2012

Preschool Moving Day

Over Christmas break this year, Meredith and I were informed that the preschool had to vacate its present location by the end of May.  This might not seem like a big deal for some of you out there, but for those of us that have been involved in moving, either a household full of goods or even just a college dorm room full of stuff, moving just sucks.  I have a lot of issues with this decision to make the preschool move because frankly its ridiculous.  You see that local church had an old parsonage which it hadn't used in several years and was completely vacant so when Meredith was lucky enough to involve her personal preschool with the school in Trout Creek. It was a win win situation.  The school got a preschool to get students on the right track to school and the church had a great tennent that paid rent and got members involved in the community. The location was optimal and only about 100 yards away from the school giving us access to the school activities when the opportunity arose but still able to do our own thing.  Now granted I've only been involved in the preschool for the past year but I love it so much and Meredith is such an incredible woman that I hate when things go wrong. 

Apparently the church that the building belongs to is talking about hiring a new pastor (not that they have even started taking in applications for the position) and needed the old parsonage available if the new pastor decided he/she wanted it rather than living elsewhere in town.  While I understand the need to have this option available to a new person coming in it made little sense to me to have a rent paying operation to move out before knowing one way or another if the new pastor wanted the building at all.  I have this sinking suspicion that the building will just remain empty for at least the next school year, but I guess there is very little anyone can do about it.

Now the other problem we have is that we don't have a definitive place to move the preschool to for next year.  All we know for sure is that we'll be somewhere on school property.  It might be in the old teacherage (this is what we're really hoping for since the teacher that is living there now is getting married in a couple weeks and wanting to find a bigger place to have a family) which has several rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a fenced in back yard, etc that is the most similar space wise to the old building and functionally the best option for the preschool. But its also possible that Ms. Mahoney will stay there another year which I can understand.  I can't say that I'd want to move right after working so hard on wedding plans. The next option is sharing the other teacherage on the property with AltaCare which is a type of special ed operation associated with the school.  It would be awfully tight squeezing us both in there but its doable.  Lastly we have the option of moving into the music room of the school itself.  This too has its positives and negatives but again is doable if we organize things right.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I digress however.  So Thursday the 31st was the big day to get everything belonging to the preschool packed up and moved out.  Meredith a a few of the preschool mom's/friends had done a lot of packing the day before while I was subbing at the school but fortunately I was able to help out with the heavy lifting on Thursday. I have to say I didn't really think about how much stuff was in the place until we had cleared out all the cubbies, storage cabinets, and closets.  I should have known since we've used all this stuff over the course of the school year but you just kind of forget as time goes by.  Thankfully many hands (and muscles) made for light work.  Two horse trailer and pickup loads later we had EVERYTHING from the preschool moved over to the basement of the school gym where it will rest until we have to move it again in August or so.  Hopefully by then we'll know exactly what building/room/whatever the preschool will end up being in.
Mace volunteered his services as well which I thought was so sweet.  It was also great because during the course of the work he got to know Meredith and Bruce a bit better.  We even went out together for dinner afterward and had a great time talking and joking around.  Both Meredith and Bruce commented on how much Mace and I reminded them of themselves.  I am going to miss these people so much over the summer.  Hopefully though with my volunteering with the Fish and Wildlife Services and doing the scrapbooking stuff I'll be able to spend more time with them over the summer.

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