Friday, May 4, 2012

May Already?

I swear as I get older the years slip by faster and faster.  It honestly feels like only a few weeks ago that 2012 began and yet the calender says that it is May already.  Where does the time go?  Granted I've been keeping busy and my days are full but it still doesn't seem like it should be this far into the "new" year.  My month of May is nothing but black ink on a calender with something different going on almost every day. 

Between subbing, house sitting, teaching at the preschool, applying/interviewing for wildlife jobs, and starting a new nannying position ,my calender has literally turned into a collection of black ink marks and scribblings.  I literally have to check it every morning to see what I'm doing that day. I'm reminded of my friend Mollie's planner while we were in college.  I used to tease her about it whenever I saw it because there truly wasn't a spare section of paper on any given day that wasn't filled with things she was doing. Apparently I'm getting old enough that I can't remember exactly what I'm doing day to day like I used to. 

While I'm thankful and grateful for all the opportunities I've had I would love to get back to a situation where I have some consistency in the things I'm doing and even better yet if it was in my career field again.  I know it will happen... just has to be when the time is right I suppose.  I'm back to getting responses on my applications and interview opportunities so something has got to give.  It just seems like it was an awfully "dry" winter in that regard.  At least I was able to use my down time this winter to good use.  After a year of plodding through it I've lost 75 lbs and am still trying to do more.  Wish me luck.

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