Saturday, May 12, 2012

Housesitters Heaven

Cow Elk
This weekend I've had the wonderful opportunity of housesitting for Meredith.  Now this isn't just any ol housesitting job... this is housitting in a gorgeous house on 40 acres in northwestern Montana.  It doesn't get any better than this.  While sitting on the back patio drinking coffee this morning I've seen 37 elk, 16 deer, 4 coyote pups (and their mom), a great horned owl, bald eagle, bunches of different little sparrows and thrushes, ground squirrels and gofers, and one lone skinny fox (couldn't get a picture of him though).  Those are just the wild critters on the property all of which I saw in the course of maybe 20 minutes.  I hope Meredith and her family realize how truly blessed they are here. 

Coyote Pup

I'm also taking care of a managerie of pets.  Two dogs (Piper and Selky), three cats (Egypt, Itty, and Hobbs),  three birds (Digit, Cleo, and Kernel), one tadpole (Leprechan Flower... as previously mentioned in a post from a couple days ago), five chicks (no names as of yet), three horses (Journey, Wynter, and Dakota), and a bunch of chickens and roosters (don't remember all the names).  I'm having soooooo much fun!!!!!! 

Correction:  Coyote Pups!
This place is a wildlife biologists/ wannabe vet's paradise.  I'm sad that I have to give the keys back tomorrow afternoon... lol.
This is Itty!

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