Saturday, June 13, 2009

Flowers Flowers Everywhere

*happy sigh* Though I'm not the biggest fan in the world of summer it definitely has some good points. Like all the gorgeous flowers that are starting to bloom in my garden. Mace and I share a great garden space. One end is dedicated to massive amounts of vegetable plants for us to harvest in the fall and the other half is dedicated to flowers. Mace and his mom planted a bunch of different kinds of peonies the first summer that he an I started dating and while the intent was to grow them for Polly's nursery I have reaped the joys of caring for them all and seeing the results. I have pretty much taken over the plot and expended whats in their to include tons of iris, columbine, ground covers, bleeding heart, asters, clematis, lupin, veronica, etc. I've also take over various other parts of Mace's yard for my flower growing adventures. Mace doesn't want to admit to it but he loves the flowers as much as I do and I've caught him out there looking for new blooms and putting some water to them to make sure they thrive when he thinks I'm not around. Everyday I'm able to go out and find something just opening up and reading to be cut and put in a vase. There is just something so soothing about having flowers in and out of the house. My only problem is all the town deer that seem to love to come around at night and eat all the blooms off right before they open. Thats what keeps happening to my roses year after year and I'm about ready to tell Mace to just let loose with a pellet gun on their rumps just to detour them a bit. Just so very frustrating. My rose plants look so good and have so many buds on them that I just know that in the next week or two some stupid doe is going to jump the fence and nibble them right down the ground. Oh well... tis my cross to bear. Above is some of the pictures of my peony that bloomed last year. I should have even more this year. Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend so far.

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