Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time flies

My dear sweet niece, Rachel, just turned 17 on Thursday! Can you believe that folks? I sure can't. I mean I know that I'm getting older all the time, as is everyone, so it shouldn't come to me as a surprise that she's broaching full (legal) adulthood but for some reason it really does. And she really has grown into a beautiful young woman to boot, though the picture definately shows more of her "I'm related to Tracy" goofy side. She's trying to make my nephew Collin giggle by the way, Im pretty sure she was successful in that endeavor. But I think thats good. I know a lot of you have pictures of me with ummmm interesting expressions on my face, and I have copies of quite a few of them myself... >>>> case in point. So what if I'm staring dreamily at a Dairy Queen sign. Don't judge me! Those were college years and Dairy Queen ice cream was outside my monetary means. If I remember right Kati and I were driving down Higgins Ave one night and saw Erin out with Campus Crusade at the walk up Dairy Queen so we stopped to pester them. Aww memories. Doesn't seem all that long ago yet I know it was at least 5 years ago now. So that brings me back to the point I was trying to make earlier. Time really does fly! And with everything that has gone on over the past year I have a greater appreciation for life and how to really live it. There is something to be said about making each day count. Hopefully I'll get back to the point where I'm able to do that.


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JLB said...

I want to come track lynx! I've said it before and I'll say it have the coolest job! lol.