Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day is Done

My family and I laid my loving father to rest this morning in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Cheyenne. It was definitely a bitter sweet ending to a life that most definitely touched many others. It was so nice to see the many faces of friends and family offering willing shoulders to cry on if need be and more to lift a person up when they needs a bit of light in their day. It has most definitely been a hard year and I see that my dad was the model of courage and fortitude both when it comes to battling illness and hardship as well as enjoying a life well lived. I hope that one day I can follow in his footsteps with even half the class and dignity he has shown me. I have to admit I'm pretty numb at the moment and am not exactly sure what I want to say here. But I did feel like stealing away to my room for a moment and saying something on here that was much more meaningful then this is coming out. Maybe in the next day or two my thoughts will quit running rampant and I'll be able to write out something more deserving of my dad's praises and accolades. Again please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Dad is in a better place but it is we who remain that have it hard. Love you all.


JLB said...

I'm trying so hard right now to not be all mushy and gushy (is that a word?) I just have always felt like we had a special friendship and always wondered what has happened to you. I will let them have your addy for a card but will need the zip since Im not sure which one it is in that part of town, 8200?7?. When you feel up to talking feel free to email or call or blog or IM I'll be around and more than happy to catch up with you since I have no idea anything that's happened in the last 15 years. Your email is only slightly less original than the one I've used for 15 years which I'd be happy to tell you somewhere where no one can see it to spam it to death. I would love your contact info in Mt. too. but I'm sure we have a lot of actual (IM, phone) "talking" to do to catch up too. When is the best time of day to catch you online?

Queen Kathleen said...

Tag! I nominated you for something or another, go see my blog.