Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Dalmation!

Mace and I decided yesterday afternoon that we needed to go get some wood for next winter.  You may be asking yourself... "why are they getting wood in April?"  Well the simple truth is its easier to do now than in the middle of a hot Montana summer and frankly we are both so tired of being in the house.  So we packed up the saws, the splitting maul, and our ever faithful dalmatian, Cassie, in the truck and went up to Miton Peak to find some downed larch and red fir. 

Cassie has been showing her age lately and we're starting to worry. Its sad to see a member of your family get old and know there is that inevitable end coming around the corner.  I don't think she has any concerning ailments but she is slowing down and starting to sleep more than be active.  I guess that's what happens when you are almost 12 (84 in dog years).  But she always perks up when she gets to ride in the ol' truck and is even happier when she gets to sniff around in the woods while we're sawing and loading wood.  When she was younger she'd actually go explore a bit but these days she just likes to prowl around the edges of the road and maybe venture up a hill about 20 feet away from us.  I know that she loves the new smells and the change from our yard but she also knows her limitations.  I'm always afraid that she'll decide to go exploring again and wind up being some mountain lion's or bear's lunch so I keep an eye out for her.  She usually stays within eyerange anymore so my job has gotten quite a bit easier over the last few years.  But the main thing is even though she's is getting old she still loves to go out and see new and interesting things.  I mean just look at the smile on this ol girl!

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