Thursday, April 1, 2010

We Eloped!!!

Ha ha ... made you read! Happy April Fools Day! Anyone that actually would believe that Mace and I would have eloped doesn't know us very well. Though we've been engaged a really long time there is no way in hell we'd just go and get married without our family and friends... so no worries. And if any of my family is reading this I swear we really didn't do it.

It has been a long and miserable morning for me. I was out in the woods by 3 am and got got home just a few minutes ago. While the time frame itself wasn't a bad thing the weather certainly was. I'm not prone to getting cold even when in 8 feet of snow but when its down pouring the entire time you are out in the woods the cold just seeps into your bones. I usually enjoy my mornings out and about. But there is something about seeing the sky get light but not actually seeing a sunrise because of the rain and fog that is a bit depressing. I tell you GPS is an amazing technology. I was in one of my study sites in literally the middle of nowhere and the fog was so thick that I couldn't even see the trees 10 feet in front of my, but my GPS knew exactly where I was and in what direction I needed to travel to get to my next study plot. I think most people would get really nervous in that position but I had faith in my tools and got home safe and sound.

So here I sit at 1:30 in the afternoon on a very wet, very dreary, and very foggy day and I haven't a clue what to do with myself. I need the bookmobile to show up so I can get some new reading material. On days like this I've found that I spend entirely too much time playing Mafia Wars on Facebook. Who ever knew I'd get a kick out of "boosting loot from a rival mafia boss"? Its way too addicting. But anyway... think I need to go do something productive. Happy 1ST of April everyone!!!

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