Friday, January 2, 2009

The theme for today is "Foresters Rock"

So one of the new things that the hospital in CO that my dad is in has added over the past few months is a white board in each of the rooms and an accompanying marker to go with it. Now most people would probably leave this alone thinking that it was just for doctors and nurses to write details about the patients on such as goals for the day and goals for discharge. My family on the other hand has gotten crazy with this little piece of easily changeable mode of art at the end of dad's bed. Each day since it has been up on the wall I write the basics on it such as the date,who Dad's nurse and CNA are for the day, and how many reps of his PT he has to do for the day which takes up very very little of the space. SOOOOO I've gotten creative much to the amusement of dad and my siblings. Anything to put a smile on dad's face. For the past couple days its been drawings and messages related to the New Years celebration but today it was time to get creative and reflect dad's roots at UM. In big bold letters I wrote Forester's Rock and then drew a pine forest that had gone through a selection cut... stumps and all! Dad thought it was great and that just made my day. Just have to start thinking about what I'll have to draw on there tomorrow to entertain my father and distract him from the pain. I'm taking suggestions so feel free to contribute. Keep smiling and keep us in your prayers.

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