Thursday, November 13, 2008

Skating anyone?

Okay I know that I was begging for snow in my last post so this one may come as a contradiction, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE ICE!!!! We've been having a ton of rain lately which means there is a lot of standing water on the roads, both paved and dirt. Well I had to drive up to Kalispel for a meeting yesterday which typically is no big deal and I usually enjoy the 2 hour drive going up through Plains then cutting through Hot Springs where I generally wave at the town since Scott still lives there (I think). I really should stop one of these days when I'm off the clock and see if I can hunt him down to say hello. Anyway I digress, I got out of Kalispel around 5pm which again isn't too bad except the rain had slowed down, the temp had dropped like crazy and all the standing water on the road was now just a sheet of ice. If you ever take the short cut between Plains and Polson, remember not to do so on an icy day since the road is about as curvy as a coiled up snake. Lets just say that it was a long, dark, tense drive back home and I was happy when the day was over.

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Kati said...

Glad you made it home safely. Although you could have said, "TOO DANGEROUS!" and pulled over into Hot Springs and made them pay for a room. :) Always thinkin'~