Monday, November 17, 2008

New News on the Dad Front

Well I'll be buggered. For those that didn't know already dad is back in the hospital for like the billionth time, or at least so it seems. The docs were still worried about how much weight he'd been dropping so they admitted him yet again and started up a pump that runs 24 hours full of a nutritional suppliment called TPN. I'm sure its not the best tasting stuff in the world so its a good think they are running it through a Pick line in my Dad's upper arm. He ended up having a series of X-Rays the other day with Barium contrast and they found that his intestine has a nice kink in it which could be part of the reason that he still isn't able to keep any food down that he's tried to consume. If its not one thing its another. So how are they going to deal with this. Well thats a fabulous question actually since it hasn't really been long enough since his last radiation treatment to do surgery they are kind of tentative about their plans. Obviously they need to get the kink out and as soon as they can at that. Soooooo the skinny is that on Wednesday afternoon his surgeon is going to put Dad under anesthesia, make a small incision and see how things look. If dad reacts poorly to the incision and look about, the doc will sew him right back up and they'll try again in another 10 days or so. If things look good he'll continue on with the surgery and unkink the part of the gut that needs unkinked (is that a word???). So if you have a few extra minutes on Wednesday and the thought crosses your mind, please keep my dad in your prayers and hopefully things will start getting better for him after everything is said and done. Have a great week folks! Love ya.


Kati said...

The beauty of a broken leg is all the free time to pray in the world. Your dad is in my constant thoughts. Well, him and your family. And maybe Chex Mix. Okay, your dad, your family, Chex Mix, and The Big Bang Theory. But probably in that order at least. <3

Julie (It is.) said...

Hugs, I'll remember him in mine.