Saturday, September 20, 2008

Talk About Amazing

My parents just celebrated their 43th wedding anniversary on Thursday and I can't help but think I hope and pray that I will be as lucky some day. Its becoming such a rarity that people actually stay together at all, let alone 40 some years. I think I'm truly blessed to have come from two such strong and caring individuals. And the best thing is, I know they are still madly in love with each other. I'm not saying its the same giddy kind of love that they probably had when they met as teenagers, that's right they'd been dating from the time they were 15-16 years old to the time they got married, but a mature and deep love that you only get from knowing and being with someone that long. When I first think about my parents individual characteristics I think of two very different people, so maybe opposites really do attract. But when I continue to dwell on it I see more and more similarities between the two of them. Their deep rooted Catholic faith, their love of science, nature, and history, their sharp as a tact intellects, their ties to family values both from past generations to their own children and grandchildren, their desire to be the best people they can be in this short life, and the fact that they grew together toward common goals. That's the stuff of love for a lifetime. Yep I really am lucky to have grown up as theirs. And as you can see by the picture, the grandkids are lucky to have them too!

Since my dad has been sick I have been thinking more and more on these kind of things. I guess that's only natural, though I wonder if the rest of my siblings have done the same. It definitely has been a year of reflection on my part and maybe that's why a lot of emotions have been closer to the surface for the past few months. And as most of you know I tend to keep a lot of things bottled up pretty tight so its been weird not having that same control over it as usual. Frustrating actually. Good thing Mace is a patient listener.. well patient in that he'll calmly wait till I'm ready to say anything about what I may be feeling. Hard to let go of old habits. But in some ways its harder anyway because I miss all my girlfriends from Missoula. I'd never been one to hang out with any number of girls until college and found it great when just chit chatting over random stuff. The serious stuff would come up and it was easier to talk about it with them. But I really don't have that here. Trout Creek is by far a male dominated community, and not meaning to sound horrible here but there just aren't many women my age with a "non-party" and halfway intellectual attitude or lifestyle that I might feel comfortable having as a friend. Heck... there just aren't that many women even close to my age! So it gets a little frustrating at times. And even when I do get a chance to talk to my college gal pals on the phone I don't feel like getting into the sad parts of my life (that just gets depressing), I want to enjoy hearing from them and joking with them instead. Messed up I know... lol. Gah even on this I don't like getting into it.

Sooooo we're going to leave that all by the way side. I started this post on a positive, MY PARENTS, and by God I'm going to leave it on a positive as well. What could be more positive than the awesome apple pie I mad this morning and letting cool right now. That's right... nothing. I must say this one is gorgeous don't you think? Apple pie is the shizzle. Polly has a great apple tree in her garden that had a boom crop last year. We spent hours picking, pealing, slicing, and freezing most of them for apple pie and apple crisp fillings during the year. I tend to like to put the apples in oatmeal in the morning before heading off to work. Its filling and delicious. But I looked in my freezer this morning and saw one lonely ziplock bag stuffed with apples from last year and realized that a new crop is going to be ready for picking any day now so I might as well used these babies up. So I am. I should be a baker... I swear! Set up a bakery for other people to enjoy my goodies. Most of the time I'd rather bake it than eat it and cooking has always been a stress reliever for me. Good thing I have a bunch of people that love what I make so that I'm not really hogging out on it myself. My rear end thanks them as well... lol. The staff in the office love me. I'll drop off some goodies in the morning in the conference room next to the coffee maker and by the time I come back from the field every crumb is gone. I think the guys in my office are glad to have me around. I keep watching food network and finding more and more recipes that I'd love to try. Glad the holidays are fast approaching so I can try out a few of them for Turkey day or Christmas.

I suppose I ought to go check the pie and make sure Flash hasn't gotten to it while its cooling, and then go down and check out Mace and my pumpkin. 270 LBS PEOPLE!!!! If it grows just another 7 inches it will make 300 lbs. I'll be happy with that though if the weather holds out we might be able to reach 350 lbs. Really makes me wish we had started the plant earlier and had a little bit longer of a season. I can't imagine how huge it really could have been. Signing out for now... have a great weekend everyone. Oh and of course ... GO GRIZ! (its homecoming today).

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Kati said...

:) Congrats to your parents. The CDs are awesome! The pie made my saliva glands ache. Your pumpkin is kick ass. Like literally, it could kick my ass.