Thursday, August 21, 2008

It Feels Like the Plague

I had been battling a cold for the past 3 or 4 days. Apparently yesterday's adventure in the rain was the last straw. My body gave up the ghost and I had to call in sick today. I barely slept last night because I kept tossing and turning in bed. I hate when you get a head cold and only one nostral is stuffed up so you flip over to your other side to try and get your sinuses to adjust only to make the original nostral clear and the other stuffy. So its a tetter-totter act all night trying to find some comfort. Hopefully today I'll recouperate and I'll be able to go in to work tomorrow so I don't use a sick day up since tomorrow is actually the start of my weekend for me. I'd like to save any time off I have in case I need to go back down to Denver if Dad has another surgery. Time to take some more Theraflu (the non-non drowsy kind... I want to sleep) and get back to bed and a book. Anyway, keep me in your prayers and waft some healing juju my way.


Julie (It is.) said...

{{Hugs}}! Hope you feel much better after a long nap.

Kati said...

:( Sorry tuhpuhbuh has a tuhpuhbug. (That little gem was discovered through the marvels of typos!) It's always a bummer to be sick, but even worse when you're pinned against a "no sick day" rule. I only get 2 a year, so I better lose a limb or a lung before I take one. No more skipping work just because I have a random fever without any other symptoms (awww).